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Micra Air Conditioning Services offer premium support for all your air-conditioning requirements.  From full project management and design to full installation and support services including routine maintenance and servicing.

Our experienced in-house team and support sub-contractors offer a practical cost effective way to manage your air conditioning requirements.  Our large client portfolio reflects a broad mix of companies from S.M.E.'s to blue chip multinationals.

From factories, warehouses, production spaces, offices and commercial premises of all kinds, Micra Air can provide the optimum cooling and air conditioning solution for your environmental problem.

Throughout the UK our vast HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) experience and expertise at solving indoor environmental problems arising from modern production and operational practices such as overheating, cold/hot spots, condensation and the build up of fumes ensures a efficient and practical solution to many problems.

With climatic control in the workplace to minimise employee health and safety risks and maximise output and production with lower energy costs, it's advisable to use our expertise in heating, cooling and air conditioning environmental control.

Cooling systems from Micra Air are developed with energy efficiency in mind.  With our extensive knowledge on both process cooling and evaporative cooling systems, and our HVAC engineering skills, we are confident that we can develop the right solution for your application.

Our on-site project management team work closely with your management team to satisfy precisely the project's aims and requirements.
Services to satisfy corporate customers as well as those seeking small low budget office/home installations.

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